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The Montana Mountain Coral Company is the industry source for all of your custom aquarium decor specializing in custom coral inserts, as well as, loose artificial (fake) corals.  Montana Mountain artificial corals are made from only fish safe materials and are infused with color insuring that they will keep your aquarium coral reef looking beautiful and  vibrant for years to come.  All of our custom coral inserts and tank decor are made locally by hand and no two are ever the same.  Our custom coral and coral insert fabrication teams have years of industry experience and our work can be seen all over the United States.  Our aquarium decor was regularly featured on Animal Planet's "Tanked" and our corals were on many (if not most) of their tank inserts.  The Montana Mountain Coral Company is also fortunate to have several of the best custom sculptors and fabricators on the planet and can, quite literally, bring any ideas or visions to life by sculpting, molding, casting, and creating specialized aquarium decor of any size (see our Custom Decor Gallery for some amazing examples). 



Sometimes it's not possible or practical to remove a discolored or aging coral insert due to costs or original fabrication challenges - we may have an alternate solution for you.  It's amazing what new corals, paint, and a protecting clear coat can do to bring that old tank and insert back to life!

While there are some factors that will determine if this is an option to explore, we would love the chance to help.  Contact us to find out if this is an option that might work for you and your tank.  


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